I offer the following freelance editing services:

FULL MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE: $.0075/word which includes:

An edit letter (usually 1-2 pages) which will focus on plot, character development, and pacing. I will point out strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript as a whole, and any suggestions I have for making the manuscript stronger.

In-manuscript notes:  Using Word's track-changes feature and comments, I will note big-picture issues and sentence-level problems. I will give my reactions as I read and let you know if I was on the edge of my seat or if I was bored.

You will get a thorough picture of what worked for me as a reader and what didn't, with detailed notes.

READER REPORT: $.004/word which includes:

An edit letter which will focus on plot, character development, and pacing. I will address big picture items and well as smaller level issues, and give suggestions on how to fix them. Of course, I will also point out what I enjoyed and what worked for me as a reader. This is a lower cost option, but it does not include in-line comments. I will point out recurring sentence-level problems that drew me out of the story, but I won't make notes in the actual manuscript.

If you want to get a feel for my editing style, I offer a free 3-page critique. I accept payment via PayPal and payment is required to schedule an edit. For booking or a sample edit, please contact me via email at or leave me a comment with your contact info. Be sure to include project details and any questions you may have. *I specialize in speculative fiction and romance, but will take on projects outside of those genres. 


***I currently have one full MS spot for June. Full MS critiques generally take two weeks or less. For a more affordable option, I will do partials, which I take on a first-come basis. For partials, my turn-around time is generally between three and five days, depending on the length of the material. I also work on smaller projects like queries and short stories. Send an email for rates. If you plan to book further into the future, don't wait to contact me as my schedule fills up quickly.***


Kory M. Shrum, author of the Jesse Sullivan fantasy series: Michelle Pike is a fabulous editor. She gives wonderful, detailed feedback, consisting of both in-line edits and a general overview of the reader’s experience with the editor. She’s certainly helped me take my work to the next level.

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