Thursday, November 13, 2014

Next of Kin first 250 for critique

I'm participating in Michelle4Laughs's Fall First Page Critique Blog Hop, where writers can post a link to the first 250 words of their manuscript for critique by fellow writers.

Here is the link for more information:
Title: Next Of Kin (w.i.p.)
Genre: YA UF
First 250:
One more miserable day and I’d be eighteen.

I pulled on a pair of knee-high black combat boots and tugged my too-short khaki uniform skirt down so that it brushed my legs mid-thigh. Mom’s keys jangled as she headed for the door so I scooped up my schoolbag on the run, tucking in my white shirt as I careened down the stairs.

Last day of school, last day of childhood; for better or worse, everything would change tomorrow. And, seriously, as if my life could get any worse.

“Emily Andrea Chance, what did you do to your hair?” Mom stood frozen with the front door gaping as wide as her mouth.

“It’s a pixie cut. What, you don’t like it?”

She blinked a few times then pressed her lips together as she headed for the car.

Wow. An actual reaction and all I’d had to do was hack off my long, blonde hair with a pair of kitchen shears. Who knew?

With a wistful glance at my truck, a twelve-year old Chevy pick-up mom wouldn’t let me drive, I hurried after her and climbed into the backseat. One more day, then I was transferring the title, getting insurance, and heading to the DMV for my license. And becoming a card-carrying member of the local coven. That’s why this mother of all birthdays was so damn important. Once I was legal, there was nothing Mom could do to stop me.
Magic was in my blood. Literally.